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Okay, this is ridiculous.

Don’t just steal NaNoWriMo*.  I know you’re jealous.  It’s okay.  You can be jealous.  But please, we’re all bloggers here–we have an ounce of creativity among us.  We can come up with a new name.  I promise you we can.

How about “Blog-A-Day?”

OH WAIT.  We already have that.  HMMM.

“But,” I hear you say, “how are we to celebrate this glorious month of November if we already have a daily-posting thing?”

How about just point everyone to NaNoWriMo and say “Hey, maybe you should try writing a novel if you want to celebrate National Novel-Writing Month.

NaNoWriMo came first.  It’s going to be thirteen this year.  It also has a much better ring to it than NaBloPoMo, which sounds like you’re trying to say “No, blow porno” with your mouth full of spaghetti.  Which seems inappropriate on so many levels.

I’d be okay with it if it wasn’t exactly like Blog-A-Day. I would.  But the whole purpose is to steal some of NaNoWriMo’s thunder.  And I think we’re better than copying someone else’s good idea.

*My autocorrect thinks this word should be “matrimony.” Hee.