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Things I Did Today (Exhaustion in 7 Steps)

1: Went to work like a good little hive-worker.

2: Went to a friend’s house.  We were supposed to go to the shelter and pick out a kitten for her, but instead she wound up getting stuck with a very pregnant dog that her friend left behind after a move to Sanford.   I was a little bummed that I couldn’t hug kittens, but I did get to hug a very sweet new dog-friend.  I think that’s a fair trade.

3. Went 45 minutes away from my house with my little sister to my aunt and uncle’s house in an attempt to befriend/appease their very territorial Cocker Spaniel.  I’m house-sitting for them soon and we wanted to be sure that the pup would listen to me and not be belligerent for the entire week.   Not that I was worried.  He minded me before when I stayed there last year and is a total pushover if you give him a treat.   Who knew that a t-bone treat meant instant friendship?

4. Came back home to promptly leave again to go out to eat for my mother’s birthday!  By far my favorite part of the evening (because I rarely get to go out for free on Dad’s dime–thanks, Dad!).  Even though we told the waitress it was her birthday, they didn’t come sing for her.  I said I’d lead the nearby patrons in a rousing rendition of “happy birthday”, but Mom didn’t seem too thrilled by the idea.

5. Went out shopping for Mom’s birthday!  She said she wanted a new pocketbook.  Because my mother is very difficult to shop for purse-wise, we figured it’d be best if she picked out her own bag.  Naturally, all the kids picked out purses and then tried to convince mom to pick theirs as her present.  I pointed her toward my favorite purse brand (which just happened to be on clearance) and tried very hard not to be a sore winner when she liked my suggestion the best.  I think I succeeded, since none of my siblings glared at me on the ride home.

6. Birthday cake at nine-thirty at night is the best kind of birthday cake.  Mom finally got her song.  It was lovely.

7. I goofed off for two hours and then wrote this cop-out blog post.  Because I’m serious about meeting deadlines, but apparently not serious enough to realize that it’s ten o’clock and I really should stop piddling around on the internet and get to work.

Expect a better blog post soon!