Life Update

Since we last spoke:

1. My job security has been threatened by the terminal illness of a doctor we partner with.

My clinic worked very closely with an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) doctor.  He sent us most of our patients.  He has since been diagnosed with throat cancer (the saddest irony), and has closed up shop. As a consequence, our business has dried up.  I figure I’ll be first to go since my coworkers consist of a lady who has worked here for over twenty years and a trained audiologist that sees most of our patients.

2. My other job was stolen from me by a co-worker who was hired months after I was.

It all started with her getting some of my work in the interest of “fairness,” but now she’s getting all the work and I’m getting the shaft.  The theory is that because she’s been placed on a temporary hold from her weekday job since the “season’s slow” that she’s getting all the cleaning jobs instead of me.  The problem with this is that she most likely was put on this hold because she’s not exactly a stellar employee.

I’m trying not to be bummed about this.  I don’t think it’s working.

3. I began training for a 5k.

This you may already know since apparently my fitbit has been broadcasting my progress (and also lack thereof) for the past few weeks.  Dang.  I should figure out how to turn that off.

The idea behind this was that I’d get in shape and do the Color Me Rad in Richmond.  Even if I’m not in perfect shape for the race, it should still be a lot of fun.

4. My great grandmother passed away.

She deserves her own post, but I just can’t talk about it.  I will say it was completely heartbreaking and I’ve been sort of cross and snippy with everyone since the funeral.

In short, I’ve been busy with life and….well, I haven’t been blogging.  I’ll keep trying to post when I can, but the focus this year is on trying to lose weight/run forever.  And not blogging.


2 responses to “Life Update

  1. I hate to ask you to dwell on the topic after such a tragedy, but if you don’t mind my asking, how did your great grandmother pass away, and how old was she?

    I’ve really been meaning to read your blog more often. I guess I’m kind of a bad person.

  2. She passed away from cancerous complications. We found out about the cancer about a month before she passed and, since she lived in Florida, I didn’t get a chance to go down there to say goodbye while she was still alive. She was eighty-six years old and stubborn enough to tell the doctors to shove off and let her die with dignity.

    I’ve not been posting much, so there’s really not much to catch up on. Which means you’re off the hook and not a bad person. I’ll be taking all the blame here, mister, for my low content creation.

    I’ve been reading yours, but not commenting. It’s semi-stalkerish and I definitely should comment more because intelligent thought is hard to come by and there is no shortage of it around your blog.

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