Travel Week! First stop: NC State Fair

I’ve done a fair amount of travelling lately, but I haven’t been writing about it!  Seems like a shame to me, so I figured I’d fix it.

As promised, Fair pics!

This is how I know I'm at the Fair.

FAIR FOOD. Nom nom nom, fried grease.

I love the “fried dough” sign.  It’s like they ran out of creative ideas.  But at least they’re being honest.

Oh, the state fair.  A world where agriculture and the people who care about agriculture suddenly appear everywhere, like Wranglers-clad earth-fairies.

This place has the BEST apple cider.

Earth-fairies like rocking chairs. And beards.

I realized something, though.  I never got any pictures of myself.  I think it’s mostly that I refuse to accost random strangers to take my picture (because it’s weird), and I am also really, really bad at aiming my camera at my own face.

I did, however, get a Ferris wheel shot.

We didn't think the rides were worth our time. Or potential lunch-losing.

See the Ferris wheel? It’s behind the church and the tree and….crap.

I drove an hour and a half to get to the fair.  We only spent two or three hours there, but we did manage to have some fun and hit the highlights of the fair: Apple Cider and hushpuppies.

If you don’t know what hushpuppies are, I am very sorry.  They are tasty little devils.

Even though I love going, I don’t think I’ll go to the state fair next year.  Nothing ever really changes.  I think I’ll go to the Renaissance fair in Charlotte instead.  Anybody want to come with?


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