Wordsmithing 101: Hubris

Welcome to Wordsmithing, where I’ll be learning words with you!

I’m fortunate enough to follow a lot of internet-type people who use intelligent vocabulary.  Sometimes I run across a word I’m unfamiliar with.  When I do, I’ll share it with you so that we can all get smarter together.  Sound good?

Today’s word is hubris. 

Hubris is defined as: excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance.

My first impression:  “Hubris. Isn’t that ground up chickpeas? No,wait, that’s hummus.”

I’ve seen “hubris” used in negative and positive ways.

“I had the hubris to get a giant ice cream cone.”

“You will laugh and laugh at my fatness and hubris.”

This word is awesome because:  It can be interchanged with both “confidence” and “arrogance.”   What some people call confidence, others call arrogance–but they can all agree that it’s hubris.

Likelihood of me actually using this word: 40%

I still can’t get rid of my initial association of hubris with hummus.  I can’t say “hubris” without giggling and wishing I had chickpeas and tortilla chips.


2 responses to “Wordsmithing 101: Hubris

  1. Hubris is one of my least favorite qualities in people, but hummus is one of my favorite things. Oh God, why such confusions?!

    • I’m convinced that the English language likes to torture us with confusing bits and bobbles.

      I don’t like hubris much either, but I kind of wish I had more of it. I should really stop being such a mouse and get out there and uh….do whatever it is people do “out there.”

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