Sleepless in Havelock

Today marks the first day I completely forgot to try to post anything to WordPress.  Thankfully, I have friends who try to keep me from drinking mayo-milkshakes–a punishment I know is probably coming my way eventually.
I spent today sitting on metal bleachers, watching a girl’s all-star softball game.  I love how sports can bring people together.  Simply by routing for a specific team, I found myself surrounded by a crowd of parents who were instantly my comrades in the Battle of Havelock–a rousing skirmish between the gallant ladies of Bladen and the fearsome hordes of Williamston.  The hordes were giant and scary and threw their clubs at frightening speeds.

The ladies of Bladen fought valiantly and bravely in the face of the surrounding wildfires, but the heat and the flying clubs proved to be too much for them to overcome.  They scored nary a hit.

My comrades and I were disappointed, but proud of our brave warrior-queens.

My sister’s reading this right now.  She’s giggling to herself and saying that it wasn’t all this dramatic.  She should realize that dramatic embellishment is always a good thing.

What I’m not dramatizing is how busy I’ve been lately.  Between house-sitting and driving to Havelock (where the battlefield ballgames are being held), I’ve had barely any time to myself.

I do know this though: I’d rather my life be filled with Havelock warriors, hyper house-hounds and saber-cats, and countless hours traversing the dusty streets via our Chevy carriage than be bored and lonely with nothing but my trusty laptop for company.

Life is an adventure!  I plan on living it, even if that means my blog posts aren’t always clear, rational, or understandable.

Besides, pretending everything is a medieval battlefield makes softball games more interesting.  And who wouldn’t want to make things more interesting?
Blogger’s note:  This post was written while the author was half-asleep, after a day filled with sunstroke-inducing hours in the blistering noon-time sun.  It is probably not coherent in any way, shape, or form.  It was written solely to avoid a mayo-milkshake.

Note 2: For whatever reason, this did not publish on Friday night when it was supposed to.  Which means I get a punishment.  Post your suggestions in the comments below!


2 responses to “Sleepless in Havelock

  1. Mayonaisse Milkshakes for everyone!

  2. thank you for your great news , i’m fun of your news in wordpress

    best wishes

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