Why I Could Never Give Up Coffee

Mmm, coffee.

The inspiration for this post–delicious coffee in my souvenir mug. With polka dots. Because polka dots are awesome.

Coffee is the human equivalent of the nectar of the gods.

I dare you to walk by a pot of coffee and not inhale as deep as you can.

Hello caffeine high!

Nothing is more magical.  Don’t believe me? Just ask this guy.

Coffee can cure headaches.

I get headaches from stress, stale smoke smell, bad b.o., pollen, and caffeine addiction.  Coffee fixes them all.

Flavors.  All the flavors.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can have your coffee.  Chose from different roasts, creamers, and add-ons like whipped cream, Splenda, sugar, chocolate shavings, caramel drizzle, etc.  Coffee is only boring if you make it boring.

Empowerment of procrastinators everywhere. 

Coffee is the weapon of choice against deadlines, long papers, and internet binges.  All-nighters don’t stand a chance against coffee.  Sure, there are other caffeinated beverages out there.  But they don’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside like coffee does.

Coffee equals community.

It brings everyone together at the office.  We all follow our noses to pay homage to the coffee pot every morning, and then wind up talking about our day, our dogs, our favorite TV shows, and all the other trivial things life has to offer.   In college, coffee brought all my roommates out of their morning hibernation, and placated our early-morning grumbles.

The bottom line is that coffee is awesome, and living without it would turn me into some sort of enraged, twitching lunatic whose productivity level is nonexistent at best.  And it would mean no more blog posts.  So, diet be damned, I’m keeping my coffee.


One response to “Why I Could Never Give Up Coffee

  1. If I could like this post twice, I would. Here’s to another cup of joe!

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