New Year’s Resolution: Progress! (and Failure)

Okay.  I had three major resolutions.  I wanted to read 25 new books this year, try to do Meatless Mondays, and lose some weight to boot.

On the weight loss front, I am losing.  Badly.  I’m pretty sure it’s stress-related.  Seems I gave up on my exercise/diet after the great month of catastrophe that most common folks just called “March.”   In that month I wrecked my car, got a very hyperactive destructo-puppy (who is also very adorable), my brother wrecked his car, I bit the bullet and financed a used car, and then there was a host of work-related issues that aren’t anyone’s fault really.

Each of those things is causing me a great deal of stress, which I have allowed to ruin my good intentions in a fit of total emotional meltdown (I kind of feel like an emotional lava lamp right now–a mix of strange emotional colors and unpredictable highs and lows).  I keep saying that one day all this will be hilarious.  I haven’t found it funny yet.

So weight loss isn’t happening.  Yet.  I’m still determined to get back on schedule somehow.

Meatless Mondays also bit the dust…mostly because I forgot about them entirely.  Oops.

But there is a silver lining!  There is!  Because I have read so many books.  New books, as specified in my resolution. Eleven, in fact.

Now, I know that might not seem like that many to you.  “Only eleven books?  I read that many in a day!”  Well, none of the books I read were less than 200 pages long.  Two of them (Game of Thrones, Clash of Kings) were near or over 1000 pages each and so darn depressing that I wondered if I was going to ever finish them at all.

And I’ve read about four or five books that can’t be counted because they’re old books I’ve read before.  Because sometimes you just get in a mood for a certain book.  Like re-reading The Hunger Games before I went to see the movie.  Or reading Ready Player One again because it might just be my new favorite book ever.

I’m pleased with my eleven.  I need to just keep making book-related resolutions from now on.  Seems like they’re the one kind of resolution I can actually keep.


3 responses to “New Year’s Resolution: Progress! (and Failure)

  1. Eleven is pretty damn good. I think I’m only on my fourth so far this year, and I make a conscious effort to read regularly. Hell, eleven is probably eleven more than the average American reads per year for fun.

    I don’t know what kind of literature you enjoy, but I’ve got to recommend Milan Kundera (as you perhaps well know), and if you have any sort of sick, perverted sense of existence, Witold Gombrowicz, but he’s a lot less enriching and enjoyable than Kundera (significantly more bizarre). They’re two authors I’ve very much gotten into in the last year or so.

  2. You’re probably right about average Americans and books. I keep running into people who don’t read, and it saddens me. In my circle of friends, who are mostly all English majors who read like books are made of crack, eleven isn’t that big of a deal if it’s small books you’re reading. Perspective changes everything, though…and I feel a good bit better about my eleven when I broaden by scope beyond my bookworm friends.

    I’m definitely going to attempt to read both of those authors soonish. I’m putting them on my list–my “things to read” pile is rather uh…intimidating at the moment. Two months ago I asked people for help reaching my resolution and got drowned in their books and suggestions.

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