Every year there is a magical day where my favorite 24-hour restaurant gives away free pancakes.  That day is National Pancake Day.  That place is IHOP.  And yesterday was National Pancake Day.

NPD is on my calendar for at least three months in advance.  I seriously like this “holiday.”  It’s right up there on my list of favorites, next to “talk like a pirate day.”  Arr, matey.

I discovered NPD my freshman year of college.  The entire dorm banded together and stormed the nearest IHOP.  Unfortunately, everyone on the entire campus seemed to have the same idea.  The IHOP was completely packed. There wasn’t a square foot of unoccupied space inside, and there were at least a hundred kids waiting outside in the cold.  No one had reservations, and everyone waited for at least an hour to be seated.

But even with the wait, my first NPD was fabulous.

My dorm joked and goofed off until we were seated, then proceeded to joke and goof off even more–and maybe flirt a little with the table of guys next to us.  We got our free pancakes, drenched them in delicious syrup, and went home with sugar highs and really good stories.  (Like how 11 people  squeezed into a car built to seat 5.)

So every year since, I’ve been sure to celebrate NPD if at all possible.  I always take at least one person with me, and it is one of the highlights of my year.  (I’m pretty easy to please.)  This year, NPD was extra special.

Because yesterday was also my brother’s 16th birthday.

For his birthday, I took him and some friends with me on my annual trek to the IHOP.  Because I’m living at home, in the middle of nowhere, the closest IHOP is an hour away.  We all expected it to be completely packed.  But we got lucky or something, because we only waited for about a minute.  It may have helped that our party was small–four people are easier to seat than thirty.

It was a fabulous trip.  Breakfast for dinner (yay!), good conversation, and a few pranks pulled.  I don’t know what I like about National Pancake Day more–the free food, or the fun people I get to hang out with.

If you missed NPD, then you missed an awesome time (and amazing pancakes).  But there’s always next year.

I know I’ll be going next year, rain or shine, diet be damned.


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