New Year’s Resolutions

I make my resolutions late.

Usually because it takes me some time to figure out what on earth I want to do with the year.  Asking me to suddenly name my resolutions on New Year’s Eve is like asking an untrained chef to make the food critic’s entree–it’s not going to end well.  Mostly because my brain goes “uh…….” and then shuts down completely.   Don’t put me on the spot like that, New Year’s Eve.

You’d think I’d be used to this by now, and plan my resolutions ahead of time.

But see, that’s the thing about procrastinators.  Why do today what you can freak out about tomorrow?

So every year I’m blindsided by the new year, and my resolutions wind up falling into place over the next few months.

In January, I decided I’d read 25 new books this year.  I’m doing well–I’ve read six so far.

I also decided to try to do “meatless Mondays,” which is really self-explanatory.  I am failing miserably.  I’ve reformed that resolution to be “Half-meatless Mondays,” where I give up meat for half a day instead.  That seems to be working out better.  I’m going to try this one again once I get my own place–I get the feeling it’ll be easier to follow through if I’m cooking all my own meals.  But seriously–you vegetarians/vegans have got it rough.  Society does not cater to a no-meat diet.

This month I decided I was going to be more healthy this year.  For me, that means smaller portions and actually working out.  And actually sticking with it this time.  And maybe getting a gym membership.  We’ll have to see.

Yesterday I decided I’d give up soda and going out to eat for Lent.  I don’t come from a religion that celebrates Lent, but I like the idea of self-sacrifice…and it’s an excuse to force myself to cut out those lunch-hour excursions that are starting to get expensive.  This also ties in to the “getting healthy” thing above.

And that’s all I’ve got so far.

I don’t think you should limit your resolutions to the first day of a new year.  I’d rather just decide things as they come, and not try to plan out my year before it’s even begun.

And we all know that our resolutions are really just guidelines, after all.


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