I really just don’t understand, guys.

Okay.  Let me lament to you a minute.

I really don’t get how I’m not a prime commodity on the dating scene.   I’m not saying that out of arrogance or anything.  I just really don’t understand it, because my “type” is nerds and/or geeks.  If you’re into being intelligent and video gaming, and you’ve got some personal hygiene, you’re probably up my alley.

Guys, how many of your girlfriends would be willing to play Halo with you into the night?  I would.  And not only that, I would own those aliens.  Except for hunters.  You can have those, you macho, macho man.

How about Resident Evil?  Your girl too chicken to play with zombies?  I’ll be your Sheva, and I won’t suck half as bad as the AI.

Or maybe you’re into Nintendo.  Well, I’m a Zelda nut.  Not to mention that I’m game for pretty much anything else on the console.  (pun unintentional, but amazing)  I also will kick your butt in Guitar Hero.  Just saying.

How many of your girlfriends watch all the action movies you do?  Because I have superhero movies, car chases, magic, explosions, and grand theft in my movie collection.   Watch old 80’s movies?  No problem.  Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, they’re all on my list of faves.

What kind of music do you like?  I can almost guarantee some of it is on my ipod.  I like bits and pieces of everything.  Including 80’s stuff.  The 80’s were just made of gold.  I’m finding I really, really like techno though.  I guess I’m a raver at heart?  At least it means there’s lots of glow sticks in my future…

How about books?  You like books?  I do, and I’ll read anything you put in front of me.  I mostly like sci-fi/fantasy, which is probably your genre too, you nerd.

That being said, here’s what I don’t get.

I hear all the time from people that “there aren’t any geeky girls to date.”  Speakers, youtube personalities, what have you.  And I’m sitting here going “I’m right here, dammit.” 

I mean seriously.  The best I can figure is that you geeks are too shy to come talk to me.  Which is cool, I guess, but it’s not getting either of us any dates.


2 responses to “I really just don’t understand, guys.

  1. It’s like when women talk about how there aren’t any “nice guys,” and complain that all they date are jerks. In truth, these women want the jerks, and they only think they want nice guys in light of their retrospective heartbreak. But alas, the nice guy comes across as a non-confident guy, therefore an unattractive guy, and is thus he is bound to the friend zone forever.

    Likewise, geeks say they want geeky girls, but they really want superficial hot bimbos. They just think they want geeky girls because they don’t want to admit to themselves that they’re actually shallow assholes.

    • Eh, confidence is overrated. Jerkishly confident people are apt to do odd, potentially offensive things and embarrass the people they’re with. The only problem with shyer people is that they are unlikely to ask someone out to coffee, so romantic interests are unlikely to even realize that someone’s viewing them as a potential date.

      Nice girls say the same thing, ironically enough. We should collect all the nice guys and toss them into a room with all the nice girls and tell them to suck it up and just date each other already.

      I bet it doesn’t help that real women don’t look like the busty video game femmes either. Nobody really looks like that. It is rather disappointing how shallow people can be, though. You have a girl who won’t go out with a boy because he’s not flamboyant enough, and a guy who won’t date a girl because she’s not a supermodel. Bah.

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