Why Creating New Blogs is a Pain

My hands aren't this gray in real life.

Because all new blogs need pears.

So you’ve been blogging a while now, bits and pieces, here and there.  You’re starting to learn the ropes, and you’re getting kind of excited about this big world of bloggers to befriend and canoodle with.  You’ve been hearing good things about WordPress, and so you decide that you’re going to stake out your claim on the site.

But first, you must choose A DOMAIN NAME.

This is my absolute least favorite part of blogging, because I invariably end up with something stupid and/or ridiculous because everything good is taken.  Always.  Unless you stumble upon something right when it’s starting up, you’re doomed to be named “rabidpinkiefinger007”  for the rest of your blogging life.  Which is how I got stuck with “limeokapi,” which is obviously not “lime” and “okapi” stuck together out of sheer desperation.  No, instead it is a brand new word that I just invented!  “Limeokapi” is pronounced “lime-eee-oh-kah-pee” and means “fantabulously awesome new blogger.”

But naming your blog, as tricky as it is, isn’t the worst of it.

The worst is being thrust into a foreign landscape of a control panel, where suddenly you know nothing and words like “ham” and “yummy pie” are supposed to mean something other than delicious food items.   I’ll say this for WordPress, it’s nothing if it’s not involved–there’s more buttons and gizmos than I can safely explore without causing my blog to be some sort of god-awful eyeraping catastrophe of colors, fonts, and what-have-you.

So as I explore the vast, uncharted realm of WordPress, I aim to provide some sort of entertaining content to whatever readers I may or may not ever have.  And also to not drown in the unfamiliarity of it all.



2 responses to “Why Creating New Blogs is a Pain

  1. Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

    EDIT: Hi, Mr. WordPress, this is Limeokapi. You’re a weird dude making posts and comments on my blog, but I guess that’s cool. You’re just trying to help out the newbies. I get it.

  2. Testing some code. It didn’t work.

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